In 2022, we took our first step toward introducing the concept of affordable luxury. The notion behind this initiative was to not let cost become a hindrance to exploring the inspiring creativity to design a dream home. We brought artistic pieces from around the world that have been created by artisans who believe in Eden, God’s perfect art, being their muse. Our tiles and sanitary ware range includes paradisiacal shades with glamorous as well as minimalistic perspectives. The quality of our products is remarkably durable as they are manufactured following international standards.

Tale of Paradise

Tale of our Paradise Eden, an idyllic place for mankind to experience untouchable artistry. A utopian dwelling where he can revel in the celestial aura. Aive’s artists curate the heavenly impression of Eden on our luxurious tiles and sanitary selection to create an aesthetically pleasing aspect in your home.


There’s something in nature that feels like home that resonates in our collection.  Something earthy, sun-warmed, and sweet. a sentiment that is personal yet indescribable. It’s beautiful. It’s AIVE.


Explore the alluring sanitary range that lets your space harmonize with nature. The splatter of paradisiacal hues lets you relish the perfection of Edenic aura.

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